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CEO greeting

CEO greeting

JD Tech Corp. will make the utmost efforts for the development of the domestic automobile industry based on thorough quality management and solid technical skills.

Greetings. We would like to sincerely welcome you to the website of JD Tech Corp.

Since its foundation in 2004, JD Tech, which specializes in manufacturing calipers, a major component for car brakes, and processing the master cylinder, has been making every effort with our executives and employees to develop the auto parts industry of Korea.

JD Tech is building flexible production systems at the same time by having a exclusive equipment production line that enables competitive mass production of automotive parts that can utilize various materials including castings and aluminum materials, and a machining center (MCT) line that can produce a wide range of different products. Through this process, we operate a development and production system that can respond to any customer's needs in a timely manner. It also contributes to the future development of the automobile industry through the production of parts for eco-friendly vehicles and autonomous driving vehicles such as electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles.

Our executives and employees are proud that with the quality and accumulated technology of JD Tech, our products and products are not only embedded domestically but also internationally in various automobile brands through international automotive parts companies. Through systematic and rigorous quality management and continuous technology development, JD Tech will work with you to explore the future of Korea's core industry, the processing industry.

In the future, JD Tech is committed to doing its best to become a company that grows with its customers as a leading player in the future automotive industry. We hope you will see our JD Tech approaching our customers with confidence and grow to be "the company cherished by its best quality and service," and we hope this homepage will be a window of communication that will bring all our customers who love JD Tech closer.

Thank you.

JD Tech Corp.




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